After the initial project brief, we sat down with our tutor, Nick, who asked us about specific areas of the production, and encouraged us all to think more in depth about defining job roles, planning and how exactly we wanted the outcome to look, sound and feel like. This was an incredibly helpful activity to help us with a more professional mindset and hammer down on our ambitions.

Production day was great fun but extremely cold. We were able to use a few new techniques in this project, like utilising the three different angled lenses (our collective favourite was the 70-300mm).

For this project, we wanted to be more adventurous and professional with our camera work. This powerpoint was made by Gareth before shooting as he and I sat on a call together to discuss our understanding of the camera settings we have learned in more depth in class. Our goal was to make sure we knew exactly what each setting does fully and how to utilise them all together so we could create a video with extra techniques that look good. Doing this definitely helped a lot when it came to the day of filming, especially when we both (cinematographer and director) could collaborate to get the desired looks.