Cinematography & University

Posted on January 22, 2021Comments Off on Cinematography & University

The past month has been all about catch-up work and universities. With interviews coming up, I’ve been struggling to produce a portfolio that is right for what I’m going into and shows off what I am capable of. I’ve decided to use this website as my portfolio, after attending quite a few webinars run by universities that I have applied for (like Plymouth and Falmouth), as well as talking to my tutors. This website has a lot of my most recent projects and thoughts which I think is important to show to them, although there is a lot of work that I still want to put into it to fully present what I can do and what I’m really passionate about.

Attila has been encouraging me to research more about my interests and put them all down on this website, which has made me want to create a new page titled ‘Cinematography’ where I will be writing up and exploring any research I’ve done in my spare time, for example, movies I’ve seen that have introduced me to new techniques or reinforced my understanding in cinematography, other media giving me different outlooks, or general thoughts on the subject.

One part I will include on this new page is the online talk I attended (20/01/2021), with the speaker being Sophie Darlington, a wildlife cinematographer who has worked on shows like ‘Perfect Planet’ and Disneynature’s ‘Penguins’. From just an hour talk, I’ve found myself being heavily inspired by her as the diligent, passionate work ethic she spoke about having was incredibly inspiring and motivating in the fact that she really enjoys what she does, even though it’s such a demanding job – especially in the time aspect.

So for the next couple of weeks, I will be preparing for interviews and making sure to build up my website to a place that I would be confident to use as a complete portfolio – more watching classic movies and blogging for me!