Microphone Research

H5 Zoom audio recorder:
This is a versatile handheld recorder that can be powered by two mic/line inputs with phantom power or battery powered and dials on the front allow you to change the decibel input. This Zoom microphone records and can have multiple audio inputs. Having this allows you to input two different microphone completely, while only having one audio file, or you can input pre-recorded sounds from a computer or mixer, live.

The H5 Zoom recorder is great for podcasts and documentaries, especially due to the small setup for podcasts recorded with the hosts altogether, using a microphone mounted just on top of it.

Sennheiser ME66 and K6:
The K6 is a powering module for the ME66 shotgun mic and can be power either by its internal AA battery slot, or by phantom power, making very minimal setup. ME66 microphones are very directional which is great for picking up quiet sounds in loud locations, like an interview amongst a crowd. 

Since we wanted to record very specific sounds in a forest (crunching leaves, twigs snapping, etc), the Sennheiser ME66/K6 is the best option, considering the unidirectional aspect.


My Foley

Foley sounds for a horror short filmed with Jack, Charlie, Adam and Gareth: