Making some FMP Changes & Utilising Unit 12

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It’s been important for me to continue to progress in Units 10, 12 and 13 together as deadlines for projects are unpredictable at the moment, and I have recently been thinking a lot about my FMP. My original plan for my final major project included producing an indie-pop music video, inspired by music from artists like Circa Waves and Rex Orange County. However, I feel if I were to do this with original music, it would be difficult to create myself to be sure to get a meaningful video done, which has made me look into a different direction, admittedly quite opposite – the psychological thriller.

While beginning to plan the plot of my short film, I have been using the structure of Unit 12, the research project, to help me look into the substantial historical details about the genre as well as a “movement”, the French Extremity, which I would not have heard of or researched otherwise. I plan to continue with this secondary research project, and to produce a short documentary using what I learn to make sure I take in everything, plus it will serve as practice with non-fictional script writing.

In terms of FMP plot development, it has been continuously changing – let’s say improving. From today’s lessons and checking over Covid-19 , it’s been made more obvious that I must limit the amount of crew and actors on set and the amount of material that would need to be filmed inside. Although there’s still a long way to go to finalise the plot of my short film, I have adjusted a lot of it to be more attainable. Here are my initial plans before today:

And here are my updated notes, taking legal and practical constraints into consideration:

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