My goal for 2021 is to watch and analyse more mainstream classic movies that I haven’t seen before. It will give me further context and might even inspire me to incorporate aspects in some of my own work.

I’ll mainly be using the movie lists on these sites:
AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies
The 100 Greatest Films of All Time

Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino

(Watched on Jan 24th 2021)
There were a few reasons I decided to watch this film; one of which was because I had kept hearing about Quentin Tarantino for a while as he’s considered such a classic director, the second being that it was the only movie that I owned from the extensive lists above that I hadn’t seen before. Immediately, I was warned that it isn’t one of his better films, by my dad, but I always think it’s equally as good to watch a (subjectively) bad movie as an excellent one.

Before this film, I can say I have watched one or two of Tarantino’s films; Kill Bill and Kill Bill 2 (which I quite enjoyed), and his preference of genre being crime/action with lots of gore really shines through in all of these.

My take on Reservoir Dogs:
The menu screen. I love the fact that it appears like an interactive game, however there is a lot of swearing, but that’s to be expected from Tarantino. I feel like I was almost taken out of the movie from this screen as the characters were posed for it, but I do like the touch of different lines being said when it is looped and it did make me curious as to what happened to them all.

More notes I took about the movie here: