New Equipment & Silent Film

Posted on October 6, 2020Comments Off on New Equipment & Silent Film

Today I was able to experiment with more professional cameras and lights (flood lights and spotlights).

I found using the camera exciting as it gave me experience with some of the equipment that would be used on an actual film set, so I feel a bit more prepared in that sense for the workplace. Regarding the new lighting, I’ve now learnt the basics of how to utilise the different types of lights (e.g. spot lights are usually used as the key-light) as well as how to safely handle them.

Having to produce my own black and white silent film, I’ve been discussing and researching classics. This has given me a greater sense of the original boundaries these creators had do to things like heavy/complicated equipment or the extensive work they had to do for post production like physically cutting the film. I wouldn’t have looked into these details if it wasn’t for preparing to make a film in this style which makes me think of all the different processes film-makers have for their own style of work.