Post-Production & Reviewing Progress

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At the moment, I am in the process of creating a rough-cut of my film. Overall, the footage that I got on the production day is good, mostly well exposed, but there are a few details that I know I could have done differently when looking at some of the clips. Around the time Noi walks past the camera into another room after collecting a bag of ice from the freezer, is where I could have benefitted from setting up a single light beside the right side of the camera, pointing at where Noi takes the ice from as they are quite dark on screen compared to the background. This is due to the lights I used in the interior kitchen shots, being the main kitchen lights, which seemed to light the room and props well. However from looking at the footage, it only seemed to work well to light areas around the middle of the kitchen, as well as the counter tops because of the direction the lights point, not so much around the outside edges of the room, where the actor was. At the time of filming I didn’t realise the issue, but with more thought and preparation in lighting design, and also a practise shoot, I think I would have been able to catch this before it would be the only footage I would have to work with.

My progress this week is starting to speed up as we approach the deadline on the 21st May. I realise I have quite a lot to do in the leading week, like finalise my edit with colour grading, sound scaping (with Foley and music) and putting my production documents and research onto my website. Already, I feel I could have benefitted with a very specific timeplan prepared around a month ago, however I have been able to keep quite up-to-date by creating weekly to-do lists.

As I come to finish my rough-cut, I will be exporting it to YouTube and sending the video to my tutors, family and friends to gain feedback as to how I can improve the visual storytelling, like clip ordering, pace, colouring and anything else. The start of this week is dedicated to preparing and arranging the audio for my film. I am working on the script for the radio presenter that will be talking at the beginning and midpoint, having this audio being diegetic and realistically inserted into the character’s world, through the radio that is in the kitchen. My friend and classmate Adam Vincent is casted as the voice of the radio/news presenter as he has a lot of experience with presenting radio via the Bucks Scout Radio and has the equipment to capture great quality sound with a microphone and mixer. The recording will be in the format of MP3 and by increasing the ‘treble’ levels of it in Premiere Pro will give it a tinny effect, like it is coming out of a speaker. I have done this effect once before in the ‘Emma Adaptation’ we produced as a group earlier this year, where by increasing treble levels as the character removed their headphones, made it appear like the music playing, was coming through their headphones, and it worked very well!

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