The (Hopeful) Beginning of Research

Posted on March 3, 2021Comments Off on The (Hopeful) Beginning of Research

For the past two weeks, we have been dabbling in the research part of Unit 12 in preparation for a short documentary. After starting this project in a group, on the history of the animation company, Studio Ghibli, I have decided to conduct a second version individually, looking into the concept of the ‘Psychological Thriller’.

I think this will become very useful for my FMP, which I have decided on producing a short film of the same genre. This research project will not only give me great insight as to the context of psycho-thrillers, but also kick start thorough work on my final project. Already, by doing this I have noted aspects of these films I read about and incorporated them into my idea.

As for the documentary, I have a few ideas on how I’m going to film it.

For my own project, I will take inspiration from a video about Spike Lee’s camera shot techniques by Mo at Resource Productions (available on their Instagram). Specifically, I’m interested in shooting a piece-to-camera throughout the video, whilst incorporating examples of my own interpretation of psycho-thriller techniques. Moving onto my role in the Studio Ghibli group project, I have carried out some research and will be in charge of collecting relevant (public domain) clips to use in the documentary, while a voice-over runs.

Areas of development include; carrying on with detailed research of both Unit 12 projects, fleshing out my FMP plot as well as beginning to identify the clips to be used in the documentaries.

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