Where am I?

Posted on October 22, 2020Comments Off on Where am I?

Throughout the term, I’ve been learning a lot more film theory as well as going out and physically practising film.

Both aspects I find very useful although the theory side usually becomes either difficult to keep interested or quite slow. This is probably because we focus more on theory in online lessons and not being physically present contributes a lot to this.

However! Learning more about how camera lenses actually work and why we use each one differently was really exciting because it’s something that I need and want to know for the present and future – becoming a camera operator.

An example of the difference between wide angle and telephoto lenses.

So much more filming – Last year the only practice I had with carrying out a production were the few projects throughout the year. However this year we have taken every opportunity available to create something, whether that be a serious video of an adaptation or a green screen comedy skit. All of which we use everything we’ve learnt to improve our directing, camera operating, sound designing, editing and even acting skills.

JVC camera we used to film a Super Smash Bros skit in the green screen room.

The only holdbacks that I’ve experienced are the online weeks. Although they allow for planning and thinking about what I’m actually going to produce, it also makes me unable to use the tech equipment in practice.

During these lessons, we’ve talked a lot about UCAS and what next steps we are going to take. Beginning the course last year, I was convinced that I wouldn’t like to attend university, but the more benefits I hear about it, the more I believe it’s what I need to do. Being a cinematographer requires a wide knowledge of film styles, examples and a lot of practical experience. The university courses I’ve looked into have all of that and especially focus on industry experiences.